How will my gift make a difference?


Make your gift now. Click the button below to support St. Augustine Prep on #HermitsGivingDay!

Here’s how your gifts will impact Oscar Mike and Third Semester when we reach the goal of 959 gifts:

959 gifts + $25 average gift = $23,975 raised

Add the $20,000 matching gift and we will raise nearly $44,000 for the Oscar Mike program!

To learn more about the Third Semester program, CLICK HERE.

Since every gift counts, here are some best practices to prepare for the Hermits Giving Day:

  • Decide how much you will give in advance. 

  • Follow St. Augustine Prep on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram for reminders and updates.

  • Create a reminder for September 6th using Siri, Alexa or digital assistant of your choice.

  • Make an appointment in your calendar to remind you to join our campaign.

  • Bookmark this page on your browser so you can complete the donation form on September 6th.

We are humbled by the support of the St. Augustine Prep Community throughout Hermits Giving Day 2019!